Windows 10 Vs. Windows 8.1

Well, the current hype in the technology space seems to be about the all new Windows 10. Microsoft seems to have done almost everything within its control to make sure that it doesn’t go unnoticed by its users. In fact, it seems to be hoping that the Windows 10 turns out to be the best version of Windows ever, something that it seemingly tried to do during the release of Windows 8 versions as well.

Anyway, the hype is certainly tempting enough to make one consider comparing the two latest versions of Windows, so that they can decide whether or not to go for Windows 10. With that said, let us take a look at some of the major differences between Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, so that you can decide whether they are worthy enough to justify going for the former.


#1 Start button manages a comeback

Well, the start button has always been one of the most familiar things about almost all versions of Windows. However, it was given a skip in Windows 8.1, something that definitely didn’t go well with the Windows community. Microsoft thought that its advanced Live Tiles interface would be to able to make up for the lack of the extremely familiar Start button.

It obviously didn’t, as users seem to be favoring the functionality aspect of their operating system more than the innovative interface. Hence, Microsoft failed yet again with their experimentation, and they seek to correct their mistake by bringing the Start button back in Windows 10.

#2 Price

This has been a real surprise for many users. As mentioned earlier, Microsoft seems to have gone an extra mile in ensuring that most of its users update to the Windows 10. In order to do so, it is offering it completely free of cost to all its Windows 7 and 8/8.1 users.

However, it will be free only for one year, after which the users will be required to pay a fees. Though the exact amount isn’t known, rumors that are floating around suggest that it may go back to adopting its one-off fee model with Windows 10 as well.

#3 Pre-installed Cortana

The Windows 10 also comes preloaded with Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana. It provides answers to users for their region specific questions. It also allows the users to access its notebook anytime they want. They will be able to add and remove information as well.

#4 A new web browser

Microsoft definitely seems to have invested a lot into Windows 10. This includes the new browser offered by Microsoft, named as the Microsoft Edge, while giving a skip to the codename “Project Spartan”.

As far as its features are concerned, here are the top three:

  • It will offer a reading mode
  • Microsoft’s personal assistant, Cortana, will be integrated in it
  • It will allow annotating of web pages

#5 No passwords anymore?

Seemingly, the Windows 10 allows users to sign into commonly used applications and software such as Outlook without requiring to type in the password every time. Instead, they will be offered a wide range of options, ranging from fingerprint scanner to retina scanners.


A final word

The above given changes are really some significant ones in the history of the Windows operating system. However, they might appeal only to those who know for sure that they will be using them. For the rest, however, a wait-and-watch game may turn out to be the best bet, as they will be able to see how Windows 10 really fares in a few months when the user review start flowing in.