Windows 10 Review

Microsoft seems to be having a history of making drastic changes and doing risky experimentations. Surprisingly, it has both worked in its favor as well as against it. The last experimentation, which was bringing about some drastic and courageous changes in Windows 8, obviously didn’t go well for the company. The experts criticized the rather highly unpleasant changes while the regular users strictly denied making the move to Windows 8.

Well, Microsoft seeks to correct its mistakes with the all new Windows 10. It seemingly tries to get around all the problems experienced with Windows 8, as well as goes a step further to attract the users. Let us take a look at exactly what the Windows 10 brings with it, and the things it bids good-bye to for good.


Making Windows user-friendly again

We would like to start off reviewing Windows 10 by talking about Microsoft’s attempt to make things user-friendly again for its users. With Windows 8, all its focus seemingly went into making the version touch-friendly, while ignoring rest of the users completely. This led to the users using their PC with a keyboard and a mouse end up hating it.

However, Microsoft makes a comeback by changing its approach and focusing evenly on all types of users for good. Windows 10 doesn’t seem to be completely touch-oriented, and seemingly offers an almost equal level of user-friendliness to all its users.

The Start button is here again

We know you missed the Start button a lot. Microsoft, too, seem to have realized that letting it go was one of the most terrible mistakes they ever did. This led to a huge comeback of the Start button, which has actually been a defining feature of almost all the Windows versions to date. The comeback of the Start button seems to be the biggest change, probably second only to the theme change.

A completely new look theme

The theme seems to be another thing about Windows 8 that went terribly wrong. Microsoft decided to address this mistake as well, as they have come up with an altogether new look theme in Windows 10. It’s worth noticing that they didn’t tried modifying the Windows 7 theme a little and reinstalling it, but rather decided to go with completely redesigning the theme.

It is seemingly a more involving theme than Windows 7, though also a more restrained one than Windows 8 or Vista. The default color is black, giving it a dark feel. However, if you aren’t a fan of darkness or the black color, you are also offered other colors to choose from.

No more annoying hot corners

When we say Microsoft has bid good-bye to several things that the Windows 8 came with for good, we actually meant things like the annoying hot corners of Windows 8. What this means is users would no longer have to end up feeling exhausted while trying to access things like the settings or the Start screen.

The new navigation allows for a considerably convenient access to such things, as well as an overall better user experience.


A final word

Windows 10 brings with it a lot of changes, especially when compared to Windows 8. If you are a Windows 7 user, however, you may want to reconsider your decision of making the shift to Windows 10. It may still not be worth the hassle for some.